Persuaive Media Project: YellowFlash2 and toxic fandoms


yellowflash 2The online era that we currently live in allows countless people to connect with one another and share their thoughts with others on various media they enjoy. However, this has also allowed people to use these platforms to divide communities through outrage rather than allow people to talk about the things they enjoy. An example of this can be found with the Youtuber ,YellowFlash2, who argues that comic companies, primarily Marvel, are forcing liberal politics into their work rather than focus on the quality of the comic’s storytelling. Yellowflash2’s videos use click-bait titles and images to draw people’s interest for elaboration. Some these titles  include “The fall of Marvel Comics” and “Don’t like this? You’re a SEXIST!”, which focus on his argument that these comic creators are against the average consumer in favor of what he calls “an extreme political demographic”. yellowflash politics Through his more casual and off script style of commentary, he presents himself as merely a concerned comic book fan, to appear more accessible to both non-comic fans and avid comic readers alike. He generalizes the audience to be at least somewhat in agreement with him as a way to create an us versus them argument. Here, the “us” is the general public and “them” are comic book writers and their fans. This is further evidenced by his video style, where he uses tweets focused around a particular writers as well as comic news articles that are often either out of context or political in nature to try and prove his views are common on the internet. He will also  provide different panels from a comic issue that are out of context from the larger story and claim it proves that these writers are focusing on liberal politics over story quality. These comics will often be those he either has not read or books that have not even been released, as seen with his new video of an X-Men book that has only just been announced. YellowFlash2 calls those who disagree with his views terms such as “snowflake”, “NPC” and “woke” as a way to attempt to invalidate their views by giving them names that attempt to attack their character.  I find myself disagreeing with a large majority of YellowFlash2’s claims about politics ruining the comic industry. Politics have been apart of comics since their inception, such as the X-Men and Spiderman and they are some of the most famous superhero characters. Stories themselves often have a theme that at least somewhat has a political angle that gives them complexity and depth. The complaints that YellowFlash2 have are about the politics he disagrees with, but masks it as an issue for the general audience. This is important due to the fact that  his style  is designed to draw in nonreaders and fans and click-bait makes those viewers believe the industry is no longer worth their time. This not only attempts to censor more political aspects of comics but also damages the sales of books and makes an already struggling industry suffer. There do exist other comic book channels that often attempt to dissuade these arguments such as Comicsexplained, who not only discuss recent comics but attempt to give a review of the entire book, not just a few panels with no context.  Even if you are simply a fan of superhero movies like the MCU, this is important as these movies are both  inspired from and continued to be inspired by these comic books. If Youtubers such as YellowFlash2 are able to convince people to stay away from comic books that inspire these movies this will affect the movies themselves as less and less works are adapted. Which leaves legendary characters such as Spiderman, Batman and even the X-men to often recycle the same plots again and lose that sense of myth they have had since their inception.


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